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Tier I VECdyne Report

an independent engineering analysis of the forces involved in a low speed/minor impact accident  

• Determine the change in velocity
  (delta v) and the “g-force” imparted
   to the claimant(s) during impact
• Clarify the true extent of an impact
   by comparing crash events to
   everyday life events and the Federal
   208 injury thresholds.
• Proactive evaluation of a claim, often
   times preventing litigation
• 24-48 hour turn-around time.
• Cost effective

Tier II VECdyne Occupant Motion Study

when additional and more focused analysis is needed

All of the benefits of the VECdyneSM Report plus:

• Visual model of occupant
• Analysis of the forces,
   torques and accelerations
   for the head, neck,
   thorax, and lower lumbar.
• 24-48 hour turn-around
• Cost effective



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