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Vector Dynamics® is a full service investigative engineering and accident reconstruction firm. We specialize in providing claims resolution tools, which help determine the potential for injury or causality in all types of vehicular, general liability or work place accidents. We bring over 40 years of engineering experience, proven scientific methodology, and state of the art technology to each assignment.

We bridge the gap between traditional accident reconstruction and biomechanics using industry standard tools.

  • Valid, scientific analysis of forces, torques, and accelerations experienced
  • Decreases average cost of claims
  • Reduces pending claim load
  • Reduces life of claim
  • Cost effective
  • User friendly, easy referral process – phone, fax, e-mail, or website
  • 48-72 hour turn-around time (Tier I and Tier II claims)
  • Consistent, objective, defensible third party review
  • Service oriented, experienced, credentialed experts available for further consultation
  • Easily implemented into your best claims practices
  • Enhances your reputation as an organization that is known and respected for actively identifying, investigating, and managing questionable claims.
  • Variety of management reports available.
  • Best use of available tools/experts in the marketplace

Vector Dynamics® evaluates the circumstances of an accident to include: claimant or insured information, photos of the damage and the accident scene, the property damage estimates, the First Report of Loss (Accord Form) and in some cases, the medical records. If a worker’s compensation or general liability claim, we also evaluate the objects involved in the accident (ladder, chair, etc.) Vector Dynamics® uses this information to calculate the forces, torques, and accelerations experienced by the claimant or the insured, using MADYMO, which is recognized internationally as the gold standard mathematical modeling software. These forces, torques, and accelerations are then related to daily life events and the Federal 208 Injury Standards. The results are translated into everyday language and are a tool used to resolve the claim.

Forensic Biomechanics is an applied science which utilizes the laws of physics and concepts relevant to engineering and medicine, to provide a defensible opinion regarding the causality of a physical injury.

  • Clarification of whether the accident fits the mechanism of injury being claimed
  • Clarification of the true extent of an impact by comparing to everyday life events and Federal 208 Injury Threshold Standards
  • Early Intervention – helps set expectations of the parties involved
  • Provides a tool to confidently and fairly negotiate and settle claims
  • Scientific solution beyond an independent medical examination

our methods

We offer state of the art accident reconstruction and biomechanical engineering.


Causation forensics, using industry standard practices, to determine how and why an accident occurred


An applied science investigating forces, accelerations, and motions relating to injury on the human body, using evidence-based computational methods


Industry standard multi-body system program for occupant safety and biomechanics analysis