Low Speed, Minimal to Moderate Damage

Low Speed, Minimal to Moderate Damage

Sideswipe with Occupant Motion Study (OMS)

An analysis of the physical circumstances of the accident in an effort to determine, from the available information, HOW the accident occurred. Includes investigation of the accident scene, vehicles, police report, and participant and/or witness statements.

Vecdyne® Report II

An independent engineering analysis of the forces involved in a low speed or sideswipe accident with minor to moderate damage

  • Scientific, independent analysis of the circumstance of the incident
  • Determine the change in velocity (deltav) and the "g-force" imparted to the claimant(s) during impact
  • Clarify the true extent of an impact by comparing crash events to everyday life events and the Federal 208 injury thresholds
  • Proactive evaluation of a claim, often times preventing litigation
  • 48-72 hour turnaround time
  • Cost effective, flat rated
  • Optional - Add Occupant Motion Study