Accident Investigation & Reconstruction

Accident Investigation & Reconstruction

In Workers Compensation and General Liability injury claims arena, we specialize in clarifying the causality of injury by investigating the physical elements, the medical, and the scientific aspects of a specific accident.

Accident Investigation

Provides an in-depth investigation of accident claims. Investigative services include:

  • Review all relevant documentation
  • On-site inspection
  • Photograph/Video all pertinent evidence
  • Interview all involved parties and witnesses
  • Accident Reconstruction

Vecdyne® Report with Biomechanical Analysis

All benefits of the VECdyne® Report III plus:

  • Determine the change in velocity (delta v) and the "g-force" imparted to the claimant(s) during impact
  • A review of medical records
  • An assessment of the human body's ability to generate force, conserve force, and transfer energy through muscles and joints, which might result in injury, is performed by analyzing physical reaction forces and movements, body segments, and their respective kinetics and kinematics.
  • Determine if the casuality of the claimed injury is related to the motor vehicle accident
  • Most vehicular accelerations resulting from low speed impacts and the resultant forces are considered well within normal human physiological tolerances
  • Investigative findings have demonstrated that normal activities of daily living have reported bodily accelerations greater than those experienced in most low velocity impacts without any incidence of injury
  • Report to include Impact Analysis and subject specific biomechanical analysis
  • Animation along with detailed kinematics and kinetics plots will also be provided
  • Report to be cosigned by an engineer and a biomechanist (or medical doctor)
  • Flat rated fee
  • 8-10 business day turnaround time
  • Expert witness available*