Other Services

Litigation Support

An expert review of, and assistance with, preparation for litigation regarding accident reconstruction, occupant motion or biomechanical analysis including:

  • Early evidence recovery and protection
  • Competent investigation
  • Precise documentation


Every loss should be approached as an opportunity to subrogate portions or all of the indemnity incurred.
The keys to recovery are:

  • File review and expert recommendation
  • Strategic preparation of questions for cross-examination or deposition
  • Applicable for Vehicular, WC or General Liability Claims
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Hourly fees apply

We provide:

  • Knowledge of the subject
  • Knowledge of applicable code and standards
  • Understanding of the laws governing evidence
  • Experience in evidence gathering and storage
  • A valid chain–of-custody
  • Understanding that time is of the essence


Available training courses include:

  • Managing vehicle losses including low impact claims and the every day catastrophic loss (CEU Available)
  • Managing vehicle losses through an awareness of comparative negligence
  • An introduction to accident reconstruction
  • Computational biomechanical analysis

Other courses can be designed for any investigative subject.